This outlines examples of how to display data from your Opto22 PAC Controller on a standard web page. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages but all use standard http DOM objects to transfer data between browser and controller. The main benefit is that data can be displayed using a standard web browser with javascript. This covers all major PC browsers and most Mobile browsers. Best thing is no special applications are required for mobile devices.
To see if your device will work navigate to 22solutions Opto22 web app demo

Method 1

If you require large scale connectivity and advanced data processing this method is what is recommmended. A web server is required to process all requests to and from the Opto22 equipment. The Opto22 controller executes a script on the server and passes data which is then stored in a database. This data can then accessed by browser scripts and generating dynamic web pages, which would be familiar to most web programmers. This is a pretty standard data exchange and is common to nearly all types dynamic web pages.
Writing data back to the controller is a little more complicated as it requires some customized charts to be run on the controller. A script is launced from the web server which will send a request to the controller. If the data has been received successfully, an acknowledgement is transmitted. Parsing of data MUST occur on the client side!!. If the data is of an incorrect format, data will not be processed by the controller. The main advantage is that using a Web Server (such as Apache) gives the option of using secure web pages (https) Below is an image explaining the interaction between all devices. For more information please visit InternetI/O

Server based overview

Method 2

This method is perfect for using in small scale applications that requires limited access. Portable applications, such as energy monitoring and private home/small business applications work very well. A server is not required using this method and all data and web pages are served directly from the Opto22 PAC device. Using custom programming charts and the file storage area in the Opto22 PAC, web pages can be served from almost any port. Due to the limited sockets interface associated with the Opto22 PAC, usage should be limited to a small network of users. To enhance and speed up connectivity, it is recommended a 'Content Delivery Network' be used for common files. Below is a diagram outlining a small local connection.

Download a demo version of this app here

Local overview